Why it’s time to ‘Elope to Switzerland’Stunning Wedding Videography in Stunning Locations

Why it's time to 'Elope to Switzerland'
Elope to Switzerland! Hoping to get married in 2020?  Well the good news is that Switzerland has eased coronavirus restrictions and opened its doors to entry for all EU citizens and those from the UK. And, as I write, Switzerland is the safest country in the world right now for Covid-19, according to a massive 250-page report by the Deep Knowledge Group published b[...]

Coronavirus & Your Wedding: Take action NOW

Coronavirus & Your Wedding: Take action NOW
Getting married in 2020? Right now, you're probably feeling a little like me. Wedding plans and dreams in tatters due to the Coronavirus. But, as I've always been a proactive person, I want to encourage you to think about next year without delay. To ensure none of us are left with more things to regret. You may be feeling unconcerned because your wedding is plan[...]

10 reasons NOT to have a wedding videographer.... AND 10 solutions as to why you SHOULD

10 reasons NOT to have a wedding videographer
Congratulations, you're newly engaged! Planning for your wedding has already begun and you have a very busy time ahead of you with so many decisions to make... Where to have your wedding... at home or abroad? Which venue? To have a planner or not to have a planner? How much should you spend on your dress, flowers, photographer, etc? And.... should you invest in [...]