Face Your Fears … don’t let them set your limits

I am writing this on board Ryanair FR9078 at 32,000 feet, travelling from Alicante to Leeds-Bradford, making my way home from a family holiday…

What makes that interesting is  that anyone who knows me, knows I hate flying.

With a passion.

I don’t sleep the nights before a flight. I’m a nervous wreck at the airport. And I won’t go into detail my feelings and anxiety and behaviour during take off.

I love it when we’ve landed though because it’s all over.

But this fear of mine won’t stop me from doing the thing I love and taking on commissions to film gorgeous weddings all over the world.

face your fears

So far this summer I’ve been to France and Italy to film weddings and Austria for a corporate commission for a travel company.

I took a recharge week out with my family to Spain after returning from the Sorrento wedding making that 4 ‘uncomfortable’ flights in two weeks.

Add to that another wedding in France at the end of August followed days later a week of work filming in Switzerland.

Make that 8 in a month.

Ok. So I’m pretty stubborn. But then there are some people who ask me why I put myself through it.

But nothing will stand in my way. Fear won’t stand in my way.

If I ‘d let fear win I would never have left an amazing and secure career as a Video Journalist and News Reader at the BBC.

Come to think of it. Fear could easily have stopped me from sitting in a studio reading the news on a weekly basis and conducting OB lives almost nightly.

But I didn’t let it.

When I look at the rest of my summer schedule I do feel fear.

So many more weddings to film; A backlog of films to edit; More time away from my family, whether that be while filming or in my office editing; and what feels like just work work work.

But I have to ask myself how would it be if I hadn’t faced my fear of starting up my own business?

I would still be happy at the BBC? But it’s clear to me and those I work with that I wouldn’t be fulfilling my creative abilities.

So this is the path I chose and I am learning to embrace everyday rather than wishing away my life by wanting the hard work to be over.

Even though I love and thrive hard work.

When we reach the fork in the road we face to options. The known and the Unknown.   Obviously the known path is the easy and safe one that is less likely to make you feel fearful.

The other one you understand is bound to be harder and taking that way will mean you’ll face more and more decisions.

Which way? Which way?

I have so many friends and peers as well as brides who’s weddings I have filmed that are taking the same path as me. The Unknown one. They’re facing their fears and hands down winning.

I love this quote …

face your fears

We are in control. I don’t know if that means in the future I’ll take more practical steps to address some of my fears, like flying, or I’ll just continue as I’m doing … Being stubborn.

But if I can inspire any entrepreneurs like me or any other women reaching that fork in the road I would say this…

Enjoy taking that ‘unknown’ path and all the work along the way, facing your fears and winning, because that way the journey will be fulfilling and give you happiness.

That way. Your journey will never end.


P.S  We landed in Leeds in low lying cloud, light turbulence and with a thump. But safely and on time.