Maria & Adam // Happy Ever After

The sun sets ...

The sun sets …


I have the pleasure of being the recommended wedding videographer for many reputable venues across Yorkshire.  And believe me, all of them are stunning and put on a beautiful wedding for their couples.  But the people who run these venues are experienced wedding planners with years of experience.

So when met Maria and heard about her wedding plans … a church ceremony and a marquee in her back garden I never thought it could possible compare to any venue I had ever filmed in.

I was so wrong. Maria and her mother engaged the help of Donna Hartley-Redfern, from The Timeless Table, and together they put on a show-stopper of a wedding.

Every little detail had been thought about.

Their garden, set in the most gorgeous countryside surrounding Whitby, was made into a haven for all their guests.

There were several marquees, the main one seated the guests and was decorated so beautifully. Under another there were hay bails and fresh fizzy lemonade and the family tractor, which made for the perfect backdrop for photographs. The obviously pleased their photographer, Cat Hepple who said it was like filming an editorial magazine shoot.

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By Cat Hepple

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Streamers in the breeze

On the day, I arrived with my team to find the most relaxed and happy bride I had ever met. Maria did not have a care in the world.  She was getting ready in her family home with all her family and best friends around her for support.

Even the prospect of rain didn’t dampen her spirits as she sang constantly and reminded people that “I’m getting married today”.  Her eldest brother gave her away in a gorgeous ceremony at a nearby church and then everybody returned to the family home and the celebrations.

It was a truly gorgeous wedding. Relaxed and carefree. But full of emotion too.

And top off the evening Maria and Adam got to show off the dance they learnt.

Here’s their trailer.


Maria & Adam // Vintage Garden Party from Story of Your Day on Vimeo.