Seize the Day: Your time is now

There’s a couple of things I’ve learnt about myself over the last few months.

The first is that I am excellent at procrastinating.

It was over a year ago that I first decided that I needed to put my money where my mouth is. And put together my own
personal branding film.

But I dithered. I used all the delaying tactic known to me. And I avoided even thinking about it, dismissing any suggestions that if I was telling suppliers they just ‘had to have’ a film on their About Me page, then I surely had to have one too.

I would say things like… ‘yes but I can’t film myself can I” or “I just haven’t got time for this” and even, “it’s not a priority”. When actually I knew IT WAS a priority or should have been.

But in truth I knew that I was just avoiding it. Avoiding the inevitable. Happily making other peoples’ films, working hard to make sure that other suppliers were getting their message out there and connecting with their clients while I wasn’t. Well, not in a way I knew I could with my own film.

In the end I was pushed. I was faced with my business mentor laughing at all the excuses I came up with and ultimately making it a priority for me. Making it a goal for the now I couldn’t avoid anymore.

So I just got on with the planning. Perhaps, to be honest, in autopilot.

I found a Videographer I could trust. Someone I knew and worked in a similar style to me.  Someone I knew who I’d feel comfortable working with on the day and would give me the footage that I could work with to put together a film I’d love.

I was already ahead of the game in the preparation. I had worked hard on knowing my ‘dream client’  and I’d worked out my “Why”.

In developing my new brochure I’d nailed down my ‘message’ as well.

So all I had to do was work out how to best portray this in a film about me… in fact more about me than my company.

I remember when I filmed Amanda Hutchinson’s film we’d worked on our ideas of location together. When it came to the interview I just asked her to leave it to me to help her bring out the best in herself.

She was thrilled with her film …

Amanda Karen Photography Logo 3

So when it came to actually doing mine… the general filming went to plan. It was easy.  But when it came to me speaking to camera I learnt something else about myself:

I might well have been a BBC broadcaster for two decades speaking on camera both reporting on stories out in the field and reading autocue in the studio… but when it came to taking about myself on camera I was anything but confident.

I was nervous of making mistakes, embarrassed about talking about myself, and downright terrified of exposing myself in front of a peer and ultimately to the public.

But you know what? I got through it. I dug deep as they say and eventually I relaxed into it.

Gione did a fab job of helping me perform. It was funny, I recognised all the techniques he used that I have adopted over the years of interviewing people and I smiled an inner smile knowing that he was doing all the things I do to relax people.

And then in the edit I learnt something else about myself. I also hate seeing and hearing myself on camera when it’s not in my News Reporter or Presenter persona.  All those years I think I’ve been someone else.

I know people tell me I have a BBC voice when they see me on the TV and actually it could be argued that in my film there’s a hint of it.

 But mostly… I am just being me or as close to being me as I’ll ever be able to achieve after all these years ‘switching on’ for the camera.

And finally I learnt this:  Not only was the making of the film much more enjoyable than I’d thought (or dreaded) but the finished result makes it all worth while.

I know I am one of very few videographers who have a films about themselves on their website. This makes me stand out from the rest and it’s something I am very excited about.


I’ve some top tips on how to prepare for your own Personal Branding Film and I’ll be sharing them with anyone interested in having a film for themselves.

You can book a complimentary Skype session to discuss your film here. Don’t delay (like I did) Book today to invest in you and your business’ future.