She loves me, she loves me not

Let’s face it.

Not everyone will connect with my style of work.

In fact, that’s intentional on my part.


Because I only want to film the weddings where couples love my work, connect with how I tell stories and appreciate that I am different from many other videographers.

I recently received a lovely testimonial from a couple, which highlighted for me how much this couple valued me as their videographer.  From the moment we first connected to when they received their wedding films.

“Emma, thank you so, so, SO much! You have been amazing from start to finish. 
From the very beginning, when we spoke on Skype, I knew you were the perfect person to film our wedding. You just had such a good idea of our taste, what we wanted.. and you had loads of lovely creative thoughts.
You came the day before, for no extra cost, because you felt it would tell our story better if you could meet us before and film the set-up of our tipis and DIY flower arranging and hay bales! And on the day you literally saved me from complete meltdown!  
You made sure everything ran on time, even making sure I was getting my makeup on and my dress at the right time … and during the wedding you were just so brilliant. You being there made me feel calmer, you were always just around the corner with a big smile, capturing all those magical moments that we will remember forever.
And afterwards – Your films are so perfect. You have an incredible talent. You captured our day with such sensitivity and beauty… you have given us a beautiful memory to have forever. Everyone who has seen it has been blown away by your timeless cinematography, all the wonderful details, the sound, the music….
We both feel that asking you to do our video was the BEST decision we made with our wedding, and it was the best, most worthwhile money we spent on the whole thing! 
You are amazing and we are so grateful!” 
Sophie & JW, Film trailer below.

So for any brides-to-be (or Grooms) who’ve watched a film or two of mine and are wondering if we could work together… then here’s some thoughts …

She loves me if:

She wants more than just the wedding day filmed, but her story told.

She loves me not,  if:

She’s happy with a ‘traditional’ style of wedding film … a chronological film of the day documented with not much further thought to the structure of the film.

She loves me, if:

She can tell the difference between a ‘formula-made’ film and a crafted edit, each film different from the last. And the next.

She loves me not, if:

She’s happy with a music montage of moving images, with no natural audio, just sound captured from speeches and ceremony.

She loves me if:

She wants a videographer who’s there for her on the wedding day to support her, help keep her ‘on-time’ and work with all other suppliers to ensure a fabulous day is had by all.

She loves me not, if:

Her other suppliers like to work alone and not in partnership with everyone else.

She loves me, if:

She wants her videographer’s work to complement that of the photographer not emulate it.

She loves me not, if:

She’s more interested in me filming the detail shots the photographer takes instead of capturing special moments that no photo can ever show.

She loves me, if:

She appreciates what happens in each shot, a moment captured, rather than what’s in the frame.

She loves me not, if:

She’s likes sliding, gliding and shaky shots and movement in films, without purpose.

She loves me, if:

She wants a videographer who works discreetly using a cinematic eye rather than lots of equipment.

She loves me not, if:

A videographer is low down on her priority list and money is the only consideration to book or not to book.

She loves me, if:

Nothing matters more than a beautiful, timeless film for her to remember her day, every day.

So if you love me…

Book me.

If you don’t…

Well, you already know the answer to that.

This post also applies to grooms looking for videographers #replaceshewithhe

Here’s Sophie and Jan-Willem’s film.

  • Love this article and your work. It's so important to work with clients who value what you do and appreciate your worth.

    There is absolutely no point working with clients that don't want or need your kind of videography; this just leads to a breakdown in communication and in enjoyable experience for both of you.

    The reality of course is that everyone would want it if they saw the end result and compared it with a very basic edited video. The power of hindsight is a wonderful thing xxx

  • I love this blog post! So well crafted and clever but so TRUE. True to you, your style, and to how so many of us feel about our service to our clients. Well said! Well done :)