Story Of My Day – A Wedding Videographer’s Diary

0700: It’s the Wedding Day. My alarm goes off and this morning there’s no option to press the snooze button.  After a restless night due to the very warm weather, it’s time to get up and start the day.

The pressure is off somewhat because I arrived in France two evenings ago and I spent yesterday getting familiar with the venue and filming beautiful establishing shots.

wedding videographer's diary

Chateau La Roche Courbon

wedding videographer's diary

An afternoon editing

I then spent the afternoon filming around the region and had some time with the wedding couple Fiona and James on a pre-wedding shoot. It was lovely sharing some time with them as they opened a bottle of champagne and exchanged wedding gifts with each other. All moments captured for their film.

I even had time to edit a little sneak peek film of the venue itself, which is always a bonus.

This time before the wedding is something I offer all couples who book me for their destination wedding.

So today I can concentrate on the wedding itself and telling the couples’ story.

0800: Time for a gorgeous breakfast at this beautiful boutique hotel in Saintes. An opportunity to refuel and go through my schedule for the day.

0900: The first stop of the day is to the Chateau La Roche Courbon itself to meet up with the planner. Go through a few timings and camera positions for the ceremony as there might not be much time to do this later…

1130 On arrival at Fiona’s, the atmosphere is calm and the preparations are underway.  This is one of my favourite parts of the day when the bride is having her hair and makeup done surrounded by her bridesmaids and family.  Everyone’s getting all excited now.

wedding videographer's diary


But today things are cut fine. There’s a dress malfunction and no one can open the zip.  After a good ten minutes of panic Fiona’s mum comes to the rescue but then, already behind, there’s more blank looks when it comes to getting the dress on.

Time for me to put down my camera and assist.  I’ve seen brides putting their dresses on time and time again and in this situation it was more important to get Fiona in her dress than film.  Once the dress is on I film a few details and fly out the door, back to the venue on winding French roads using a not-so-self-assured sat-nav.

1330 On arrival at the Chateau La Roche Courbon, half an hour delayed due to the dress drama, I find the groom and his groomsmen are struggling to put their button holes on.  Time to step in once again.

That sorted, I’ve time to set up for the ceremony, gather a few arrival shots and await the bride in her vintage car… All the while, dodging the public as the Chateau La Roche Courbon remains open for a few hours yet.

The rest of the day goes by in a whirl. A beautiful service, reception drinks down by the lake in the most beautiful picturesque setting.

The weather is perfect. Not too hot and perfect for the children playing lawn games and the adults enjoying Champagne and an Oyster Bar.

As with many weddings, wherever they are, timings go awol, the speeches get put back and so does the wedding breakfast.

I am so glad I still managed to take the couple off around the beautiful venue for some ‘couple shots’.

2300 In the end, The First Dance – hours later than scheduled and the partying went on into the night…

0130 I eventually leave for my accommodation nearby and finish up backing up my day’s footage.

It’s into the early hours by the time my head hits the pillow and I’m up again at 0700 for my drive back to the airport and flight home.

wedding videographer's diary

But it doesn’t stop there.  On the flight home I begin the edit of a Sneak Peek so that I can share it with the couple before they go on their honeymoon.

I absolutely love filming destination weddings. I won’t rock up on the day of your wedding. I invest the time I need at your destination in order to tell your story. If that means me arriving a few days earlier, then that’s what I’ll do.

Here’s a recent blog article on why it’s a good idea to take your favourite UK-based Videographer on your destination wedding.

If you’d like me to tell your story then book your 30 minute complimentary Skype Session to chat through your day.

Or you can read more about my Destination Wedding service here.