Summer Wedding Destinations 2016: a wonderful tour

It’s officially the middle of my wedding season and I have just returned home from the most gorgeous wedding in Sorrento.

Rachael and John were married at Saint Frances Cloisters in the centre of Sorrento followed by an idyllic reception at Villa Antiche Mura.

The weather in Italy was wonderful for the most part but the forecast for the actual wedding day wasn’t so good.  Luckily it turned out just beautiful and with it being not quite so hot as the other days, it was probably much nicer for the guests.

Rachael and John were an absolutely stunning couple and I cannot wait to edit their wedding.

Summer Wedding Destinations

Just before Sorrento, we filmed a wonderful wedding at the Grand Hotel and Spa in York. It too was an amazing day and the sun was shining on the beautiful historic city, which is my home.

One of the many things I love about my job is being able to travel to beautiful new places I have never been to before – from extravagant stately homes in the middle of the English countryside to ghostly atmospheric French Chateaus that are surrounded by cornfields and vineyards.

I love how diverse weddings can be and how each wedding is so different from the last.

I cannot believe how much has happened in the last few months …

This year our wedding season began in earnest at the end of May with Debbie and Matt’s wonderful Alice in Wonderland wedding at East Riddlesden Hall.

In June, I had the pleasure of filming a wonderful destination wedding in France at Chateau St Julien. The few days I spent with Eve & Louis were truly magical. It was intimate, romantic and, above all, just how Eve & Louis dreamed their wedding day would be.

To really ‘capture’ their story I wanted to arrive at the Chateau a couple of days before so I could gather as much footage as possible. As Louis is into vintage cars, their plan was to rent a vintage 2CV the day before the wedding and of course I jumped at the chance of it being featured in their wedding trailer. We had so much fun filming that day and I already planned in my head how I wanted the finished trailer to look like.

We explored the French countryside and stopped off in little French coffee shops along the way.

Here’s Eve & Louis’ trailer…

At the end of June we filmed a beautiful destination Indian wedding down in Somerset at Orchardleigh House – an amazing 19th century stately home on the outskirts of Bath. It was so beautiful and the guests had exclusive use of the estate. The wedding celebrations were spread out over a few days and it felt like one big party with pops of colour overruling the estate. It was an amazing experience that I can’t wait to share with you.

July was also a busy month with different weddings throughout the UK. Not to mention the wedding at The Moat House in Penkridge, involving singing waiters and an owl delivering the rings at the ceremony and even the bride, an opera singer, serenaded her new husband.

We also filmed two weddings in July at one of my favourite venues in North Yorkshire, Goldsborough Hall. Both ceremonies were held in the church and then the reception was celebrated in the home and grounds of Goldsborough.

But both weddings were so totally different from each other with two beautiful couples.

Summer Wedding Destinations Goldsborough

I love this moment captured of Emma, relaxing on the morning of her wedding to Mark. I wonder what she was thinking about?

Summer Wedding Destinations

I am now off for a mid-season recharge with my family so when I get back I am totally refreshed and ready for the rest of the season where I’ll be filming at L Roche Corbourn in France (spell check please), the wedding of two professional show jumpers and a traditional Greek wedding in London, to name but a few.

Enjoy the rest of your summer too.