Story of Your Family

The Story of Your Family delivers you a beautiful newborn baby film

The Story of Your Family - your newborn baby filmFitting perfectly with the ethos behind Story Of Your Day, we capture moments in those first few weeks after your baby’s arrival.

It is a truly precious time. Beautiful, perfect and tiny…for such a short time.

As a mother of two gorgeous boys I know how quickly time flies and before you know it they’re having their first day at school.

So why not let me film you and your baby in the first few weeks and make a beautiful newborn baby film capturing the precious moments you share as a family.

We also offer family films too – there are plenty of moments during your life which are mementos, why not let me capture them on film for you.

If a picture speaks a thousand words, imagine what a film can do …

These newborn baby films and family films are certainly something you can cherish forever
and look back on in years to come.