The Sweet Reveal

The Sweet Reveal from Story of Your Day on Vimeo.

The thought of having a Boudoir photo shoot can be a little nerve wracking, so I put this short film together to show you behind the scenes on a Sweet Reveal shoot with Cat Hepple and her trusted team.  might think.

Cat approaches her  boudoir shoots with love. They have nothing to do with overt sexuality, instead the focus is soft, romantic sensuality, shot in an editorial style. Women who book Cat for these shoots want to be celebrated, to look sensational and to feel empowered. Boudoir shoots can do just that. It’s perfectly possible to look sexy, sensual, seductive and yet still exude class and elegance. That’s what Cat’s Sweet Reveal shoots are for.

This is Kirsty’s Sweet Reveal shoot. Inspired by the 1960′s look of Sophia Loren, we were lucky enough to gain use of an incredible 97ft yacht in Hull Marina. Kirsty looks demure, sexy, beautiful, romantic, wistful, seductive… the many facets of a woman.

There’s a strong fashion look to these, and that seems to fit the Loren influence. But there’s still a serenity and calmness to the imagery.

Enjoy the film and go to Cat’s blog for all the images.