Ian and Brandon enjoyed a wonderful same-sex wedding at the stunning Schloss Oberhofen on Lake Thun in Switzerland.

This wonderful couple asked for a pre-wedding shoot so we headed up the Jungfraujoch –  an alpine attraction and viewing point at an altitude of 3,454 metres – with their small wedding party.

Then we headed to Bern for pre-wedding filming in the city for a couple of hours.

On the day of the wedding, we had a First Look moment at Hotel Savoy Bern, before heading by boat across Lake Thun toSchloss Oberhofen, a postcard-perfect historic castle.

Emma says: “I absolutely loved working on the wedding of Ian and Brandon here in beautiful Switzerland last week. Blessed with amazing weather, a gorgeous couple and fantastic suppliers.”

The feedback….

“I loved working with Emma from STORY OF YOUR DAY for this very special and intimate wedding. I love your work Emma! It was an unforgettable day in Oberhofen!”
Wedding Excellence Switzerland, wedding planner

“Outstanding work Emma!”
Cat Ekkelboom-White, wedding photographer

“Emma crafted the story of our day in a way that no one else could. She is one of the most dedicated, thoughtful, and creative people we have had the pleasure to work with, and we are so pleased with the way our story came together. When planning our special day, we weren’t sure if we would have the budget for a videographer with all the other expenses of planning an international wedding (flowers and tuxedos don’t come cheap!). Emma was very accommodating of this and even reached out to the extensive network of photographers that she has worked with to find a lovely chap, Rich Page, to shoot our wedding. Rich and Emma clearly work so well together and took turns so effortlessly to each get the shots they needed – it was like watching a flock of birds in flight! Emma’s creativity was able to truly shine when it came to crafting the narrative of our story. She’s such a brilliant storyteller and found inventive ways to show the fun quirks in our relationship onscreen. We spent two whole days with her in Switzerland filming our family and friends together. She was able to masterfully film our rowdy group of 13 while travelling to the top of a mountain (Jungfraujoch), getting ready on the morning of the wedding, the ceremony itself, and a wonderful evening with dinner, laughs, and lots of happy tears. It was honestly such a blast to work with her!”
Ian and Brandon, groom and groom