Vintage Art House Cafe, CyprusExpect the unexpected ...

Have you ever stumbled upon something special quite unexpectedly?

Well, I can’t take credit for finding this awesome place, but it is definitely special and nothing short of unexpected.

I was taken there on my last day in Cyprus, where I’d been working with my mentor.

Vintage Art House Cafe, Cyprus

Vintage Art House Cafe, Cyprus

Hidden away amongst the houses and blocks of flats in uptown Paphos is the utterly fabulous Vintage Art House Cafe.

Hard to describe, it just looked like a regular low rise Villa from the outside.

Step inside, and it was mish-mash of inter-connecting rooms, with a focal point being the bar.

According to the media student, Georgia, who I found myself chatting to, the regulars here include students and ‘artistic types’ and well as business folk popping in for a drink during siesta.


Somewhere to chill out

Somewhere to chill out

But let’s not forget Sasha, the resident cat, who made herself at home next to me on the antique sofa, while I enjoyed a Raspberry and Aloe Vera Iced Tea.

Sasha, the cat

Sasha, the cat

The place had such a relaxed vibe and every single room was different.

Strewn on shelves were art and photography books and magazines. The were postcards and fantastic pictures veering the wall.

It literally felt like everything had been donated by the cafe’s clients… the older and quirky the better.

I myself have never been to such a place before. I felt at home and relaxed.

So if you’re venturing to Paphos anytime, the Vintage Art House, is somewhere you should definitely fit in to your plans.