Wedding Commissions

“Emma, you don’t make wedding films, you make films about people and their stories
and they just so happen to be getting married”

Rick Bronks, Satureyes


This quote by international programme and documentary producer is a perfect description of my approach to weddings and the ethos behind Story Of Your Day.

“There’s always room for a story that can transport people to another place”

J.K. Rowling, novelist, screenwriter and film producer


This is what I want for you as my client. To watch back your film and to feel you’re in that moment all over again, to relive it and all the emotions it evokes within you. My style of filming, discreet and unobtrusive, allows me to capture those moments as they naturally unfold on the day.

And, with my expertise in editing, I will tell your own individual wedding story in a cinematic styled, short-form film based on real events – with absolutely no ‘staging’.

“Emma was unobtrusive to the point that a large number of our guests didn’t realise
the cameras were anywhere near them, yet she prepared to step in discreetly if needed,
particularly when I was becoming increasingly nervous in the run-up to the
ceremony and when I couldn’t fix my bow tie.”

Nick Bowie – Hengrave Hall


For the most part of your day I will work with one camera and one lens, giving me the freedom to use my creativity to identify and capture your story effortlessly.

I work slowly and patiently and rather than chasing the action, I wait for it to happen. Natural light, reflections, silhouettes and beautiful framing are fundamental to the look and style of my films.

I have filmed elopements, weddings and events for celebrities, royals, fellow filmmakers and clients just like you and I approach each and every one with the same passion and zeal.

I believe that couples care more about how their wedding film makes them feel than anything else and so if you share this same belief, that you’re not investing in a ‘product’ but in an ‘experience, then we’ll make the perfect team.

“Storytelling offers the opportunity to talk with your audience, not at them”

Laura Holloway, Founder and Chief of The Storyteller Agency


Storytelling wedding videographer

The best stories always end up being about the people rather than the event and that a single story can change ‘everything’ and with that in mind I use my craft and expertise to bring your story to life.


A woman with a camera telling your story …
Capture the mood and essence of the day
Focus on the important characters in the story and bring out the best in them
Film real moments and emotions as they unfold, with no staging
To be discreet and unobtrusive
Don’t chase the action, but work slowly and with patience
Make use of natural light
Transcend the flow of events on the day into the film
Make use of ambient sound to bring the images to life
Allow audio clips to drive the narrative
Subtly colour grade images to reflect the mood of the day

… creating beautiful, timeless and cinematic films

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