Wedding film awards: why you’re more important

Breaking News! Story Of Your Day has been recognised at The Wedding Industry Awards 2017.

Wedding Industry Awards Highly Commended

Whoop Whoop. Thank you to all my lovely couples who took the time to vote for me.

But listen up. Let me tell you a little secret.

Awards are a nice thing to have, the icing on the cake.

But essentially I make wedding films to capture the story of the day for you, my couples.

And not to win awards or to impress other videographers…

I did win The North of England Wedding Awards in 2014, but that was for customer service.

And back in my 20s, I was awarded a BAFTA, but that was for my part in a CBBC consumer programme.

I’ve been a regional finalist for the last couple of years in The Wedding Industry Awards and this year received the accolade of Highly Commended.

I’m thrilled, of course, but honestly and truthfully, it doesn’t make me a better videographer than I was before I won the award and I didn’t do anything differently this year from last year.

And does it mean I am any better than those amazing videographers who chose not to enter awards? I know plenty of them and their standard of work is of the highest calibre.


This is why I do what I do. All these lovely words from my clients about their films. How they laughed and cried and how their films brought their day back to life in a way no photo ever could.

I want my couples to immerse themselves into their film. Their story.

To see it. Hear it. And feel it.

Rachael + James // A pot with no Honey

I’m soaked to the bone in Storytelling and I have been all my life.

My earliest memory of reading was of those adventure books where you could choose your own destiny. I guess that’s one of the reasons I love my storytelling job now because the direction of your film is determined by you but creatively told by myself.

I do love watching the work of other fabulous videographers. It can be inspiring and enlightening.

But what really inspires me is you. Your story.

When I started out in media I majored in radio. I love radio because I love how my imagination takes over. I paint a picture in my head of the location, place and people. Natural Audio is the key to letting our minds set the scene.

In a way, a wedding film trailer is the same because it’s a snapshot of the day. Even the full feature film I produce cannot possibly show everything that happened during your day.

So in order to portray this in the best possible way I painstakingly seek out the story, use key moments from footage of the day and all the sounds too … in a cinematic storytelling style.

But unlike a film there is no rehearsals. No reruns. No staging of event.

It’s all about being able to capture all the moments you need as they unfold naturally and then turn that into a beautiful timeless film.

So if you’re looking at me to film your wedding because I’ve won some awards, then I urge you to look deeper than that.

A connection with my films, my storytelling and me is vital so we can work in partnership to give you the best possible film and memories for you to cherish a lifetime.

Before this week I didn’t have this award.

I wasn’t any less of a videographer.

I was still working my hardest for my couples for them to fall in love with their film.

And I was still receiving amazing testimonials and reviews from my couples.

It simply means that I have now been given an award by a body which ‘recognises and awards excellence in the industry’.

Which brings me right back to the beginning of this blog post. I make my wedding films for you. And only you.